Challenging Social Conventions; and Defying Sterotypes

Being yourself is important. This is a hard-learned lesson in life. We tend to spend our lives trying to fit in with others. Particularly as we are growing up, and trying to figure out who we are.

At 77boxes, we love a good story of people, and children, in particular, challenging social conventions, and unwittingly defying stereotypes, because they are being true to themselves. 

Personally, I was incredibly proud when my then 9year old came home from school. She told me that another girl had told her she had to get a particular type of hair bow, because everyone had them. My 9year old’s response : “but I don’t like them. I like the one I am wearing.”.

I have a 7 year old niece, who has always liked what she likes, and doesn’t care whether or not it is popular among other girls her age. If she wants to play with trucks, she does. If she wants to play with dolls, she does. She has been fascinated with dinosaurs from a very young age. She also loves rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns. She is great at building, and figuring things out. She loves dancing and singing. She does not care what society tries to dictate she like, or be. She is who she is, she likes what she likes.

From what I have observed, this attitude is becoming more common among our young people; girls in particular. At 77boxes we hope this trend continues to rise, leading to a happier generation of people.

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