Change Your Destiny

Have you ever thought about changing your own destiny? 

I woke up one morning, and decided that life was not going at all as planned. I had well and truly gotten myself into a rut. I was unhappy with just about every aspect of my life. I got up every day, and did what I had to do, but there was little joy. It was just one task after the next. Go to bed. Wake up. And repeat. I was becoming increasingly stressed and unhappy. 

This particular morning, I decided it all had to change. I looked at the biggest areas that were destroying my happiness and sense of self. My job; where I was living; and a major relationship. I lay in bed, and started to put together a plan. It took some time to implement my plan. In ways, I am still working on smaller aspects of it. 

I am a strong believer in doing something about it, if it makes you unhappy. Too often we feel that there is nothing we can do. We are stuck, we have no power over the situation or control over our lives due to what we perceive are limited options. 

There are always options. We simply have to find them, and then take steps to make positive changes.

Once I had decided on a course of action, and committed myself to it, I started feeling a lot happier. Gradually, over time, I achieved a happiness that seemed so distant, foreign and inaccessible to me all of those years ago.

What is one thing you can do to make yourself happier, starting today?

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