Defy Stereotypes- Make YOU Happy

Recently, in world news, we heard that Prince George, heir to the English throne, was taking a variety of classes at his primary school. The class that Lara Spencer, a host of American TV program ‘Good Morning America’, decided to make specific mention of was ballet. She apparently thought it was appropriate to make fun of a 6 year old boy for trying something different. Specifically, outside what she considered to be the norm for his gender. That is very saddening, given that it is 2019. She has since made a statement apologising for her comments. Assuming she was forced into this apology via public pressure, perhaps this does show some progress of our global society. It is only a shame that many children will have heard of her comments. Hopefully, society is progressing towards a point where children can try new things, without worry or fear, that somebody will take it upon themselves to belittle them for it. Perhaps, someone should give Lara Spencer the opportunity to watch “Billy Elliot”! This is simply a personal opinion of recent events.

We, at 77boxes, applaud, children in particular, for defying stereotypes of any kind. I personally hope Prince George and his classmates enjoy the variety of subjects they are exposed to.

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