How has COVID most affected you?

How has COVID most affected you? 

Currently, my husband and I are both lucky enough to still have work. For me, I think it has affected me most from a mindset point of view. I can see the benefits, hoping people continue with hand washing routines, and coughing/ sneezing into (their own) elbows. Even social distancing has its benefits. Not having to feel crowded, or having to stand just a little closer than comfortable to someone with halitosis…

I miss seeing, in person, the family and friends who I normally like to catch up with frequently, or even those who we keep saying we should catch up with more often, and when we do, we enjoy their company.  

In ways, it has made me a little lonely. It is hard to replenish that which is normally filled by spending time with these people. It has also helped me put a lot of issues into perspective. I’m lucky to have lovely neighbours who I can chat to over the fence. It has also reminded me to check more often on an elderly neighbour who lives all alone.

Mixed blessings?

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