If You Could Be…

Below are some questions my kids like to talk about. What would your answers be? What about Your Special Young People?

If you could be any animal, which would you choose, and why?

The answers I got when I asked some of my family and friends included:

A bird : so that I could fly & soar

A cat: so that I can just escape human crappiness in the world and eat and sleep all day.

Can I be my cat:  cos they get treated so well and are so loved

A pampered cat : and judge all the stoopy peoples

A dog : because they are cute and I would get to play with people lots

A black panther: so I could hide, then pounce whenever I wanted to

A horsie: so I can ride all the time

If you were a superhero, what superpower would you want to have? & why? 

What would your superhero name be? 

What answers did your children give? Sometimes it is the ‘why’ that is particularly telling!

The answers I got when I asked some of my family and friends included:

Teleporting Girl: To visit people far away; because I miss them.

Super Rainbow: To save the day..

Lava Boy : To shapeshift into anything I want; so I can be fun things.

Secret Life Girl : To be able to go invisible; so I can hide when Mum wants me to set the table.

Laz Z Boy : To clean my room by clicking my fingers; because it’s boring doing it.

Everything Girl! : To fly in the sky, and stay underwater and run really fast; so I can do everything, and save everyone. 

If you could be any ocean dwelling creature, what would you be, and why? Are your children’s answers very different from yours?

The answers I got when I asked some of my family and friends included:

Mermaid: because they get to play with dolphins everyday.

Shark: because they are cool.

Dolphin: because they are always happy and fun.

Shark: because I want to swim with sharks, then I could swim with my family, and they would all be sharks.

A clownfish: so I could be friends with Dory.

Puffer fish: because they go big and protect themselves.

A creature I will discover in the depths of the ocean: because it will be unique and I will get to name it.

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