‘Just keep swimming’ – Dory

“If you have made mistakes, there is always another chance for you.You may have a fresh start any moment you choose,for this thing we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down.“

Mary Pickford

I like this quote as it reminds me that a single mistake is not the end. Multiple mistakes do not mean the end. Try again or start again and you have not failed.

My family and friends help and encourage me, as I do them.

If one of us wants to try something new, we help and encourage each other the best we can.

If one of our children aspires to something in particular, we encourage them to be the best that they can be. When our older kids wanted to learn to ride bikes, I scoured the internet to find people who were selling the right bikes. My husband then spent hours at a time teaching them. There were a few spills, but now they are good, independent riders. 

Our 11 year old decided she liked running and wanted to learn more. So I started teaching her some tips and tricks a teacher taught me, when I was in primary school.

Many years ago, when I was very young, I had a lovely manager. When she received a promotion, all of my colleagues and I were disappointed, because we loved working for her. However, she reminded us that she had always helped and supported us to do other things, if that was our desire. It was with guilt that I remembered it was she who had encouraged and supported me to further my education. So I congratulated her and wished her well.

I had learnt a lot from her, both about work and about life.

Only a few years after that, a good friend of mine was debating whether or not to move interstate. I acted as a sounding board for her, and tried to help her make the right decision for her. When she made her decision to move, I was truly happy for her, despite knowing how much I would miss her.

Sometimes we can see the potential in another person that they can not. This can be reciprocal also. What is a time either of these cases were true for you? A time I remember was when a friend, perhaps using a poor choice of words, remarked on the ‘amount of potential (I) used to have’. My husband jumped into the conversation, interjecting that it wasn’t ‘used to have’, that I still have plenty of potential to achieve anything more I wanted to.

He then encouraged me, and helped me to set up 77boxes, which I had wanted to do. Due to certain circumstances within our family, it made it difficult for me to go back out to work as I had previously. This of course made me feel devalued. My husband saw this, and helped me to realise that there were ways other than the traditional methods of contributing to the support of my family. 

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