Let Your Unique You Shine

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out!” – Dr Seuss

Imagine a world where we all look the same, we all dress the same, we are all expected to think the same.

We must conform to this sameness in order to achieve anything in our lives.

Do you remember what it was like to be an older child, tween or teen?

So often, the magic of childhood rubs off, as we are pressured to try to fit in, in order to be accepted by our peer groups. 

That’s why I love this Dr Seuss quote so much. It is a great reminder to us, and to our children to be true to ourselves, once they discover who they are.

I try to let my children develop their own individual personalities, by allowing them to make (age-appropriate) decisions, and having their own opinions, and try not to have them overshadowed by others, whether a parent, sibling, or friend. I want them to discover who they are, and feel confident in expressing themselves.

Each child is different, with different interests and combinations of personality traits.

For this reason, 77boxes gives you lots of options. When you choose to purchase a box, or a series of boxes, you will be able to mix and match from our popular categories to find the perfect combination for Your Special Young Person.

Our categories are as follows:

Dreamcatchers, Mermaids and the Ocean

Stars and Space


Dinosaurs and Other Animals

Butterflies, Hearts, Rainbows and Pretty Things

Spies and Detectives

Art and Craft

Superheroes, Sport and Outdoor Play

Retro and Puzzles

Lucky Dip

I detest anyone saying that only girls can like this, or only boys can do that. We are all individuals, we are all unique. It is this uniqueness, not the sameness that makes us stand out, that makes us shine.

I’ve heard it said that we all have one unique talent, something we are especially good at. I’m not sure if I believe that every single person on the planet has a different, ‘unique’ talent, but I do believe we all have different combinations of strengths. 

If I ask those around me what they believe my strengths are, I am told that I am great at choosing gifts; that I am kind; and caring, and that I have a certain strength that comes out particularly when someone I love needs protecting. I am also strong-willed, driven, and focused.

What are you good at?

We spend so much of our time trying to fit in, in the hope of being accepted. But if you are making friends by being someone else, Is it really you they are becoming friends with? If you show your friend a bit of the real you, and what you fear occurs – they reject you. They weren’t liking you, but the front you were putting up, or the persona you were portraying.

More likely though, you will find that you just don’t have that much in common. You then have yet another acquaintance in your life, rather than developing into a close friendship. 

If you forever hide behind the persona you think others will find acceptable, rather than being true to yourself. It will be very difficult to find anyone who likes the real you, because no one is aware of its existence. Be true to yourself. Know who you are, and what you want. Don’t hide behind a cloak of acceptability. If you are open about who you are, then you are free to be yourself, rather than keeping up the constant struggle to be someone else. Be true to you. Be happy.

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