We All Need Positive Interactions

When you are walking along the street, and meet someone you don’t know, or know a little, do you smile, or head down walk on by? I’ve lived in places where the norm is one or the other. Usually, the greater the number of people, the less they interact with each other. I feel better, warmer, when I am able to exchange a smile and a pleasantry, rather than walking by unacknowledged. It’s nice to have the human connection.

Combat Loneliness and Rising Depression in Kids During Coronavirus Isolation

Seeing my own family, and talking to others about their experiences, it is evident that this Coronavirus forced isolation is difficult on most of us, and particularly our children. They are usually able to be social and see their friends most days. Many of our children are starting to feel lonely, for a lack of social interaction, some bordering on depression.

The Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020

The first item people began stockpiling in this ‘covid crisis’, or at least the first I was aware of, was toilet paper. Every time I venture to the supermarket, I feel sure that I will see these shelves full again, so we can take a pack for our families. Every time, I am wrong.

Look After The Helpers

I visited the supermarket recently. When I arrived at the shopping centre, I was initially confused by the line of people. Fortunately, there was a staff member in her hi- vis vest to explain the process to the uninitiated, such as myself. So I stood on my blue dot, marveling at the way society was adapting to what we are told is a once in 100 year situation.