Play Is Essential To Emotional Well-being

As discussed previously, “Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children.”. Here, we look at how 77boxes can help your child’s emotional well-being.

Once again, each of the categories available at 77boxes offers assistance in this area. Playing is a great outlet for children. Children ultislise their playtime to help them to make sense of events occurring in their lives. They learn about feelings; emotions- how to identify them, in themselves; and others. Also how to process, and express these.

Heather Gilmore (MSW, BCBA) has found that where a parent sets aside, even just a few minutes each day to play with their child; this can greatly improve the relationship between parent and child. What are your child/children’s interests? Have a look at our categories page. There is almost certainly more than one category that will be of interest to them. When your child’s 77boxes box arrives; sit with them, watch the joy and wonder as your child opens the box, and discover together items you can play with to strengthen your bond; and others they can play with alone; or with friends.

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