The Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020

The first item people began stockpiling in this ‘covid crisis’, or at least the first I was aware of, was toilet paper. Every time I venture to the supermarket, I feel sure that I will see these shelves full again, so we can take a pack for our families. Every time, I am wrong.

Is it a control thing? Do many people feel that they have no control over this situation, so are trying to feel in control of something? Then of course, everyone else, seeing the obvious empty shelves, worry that they might never get any again, so take as much as they can whenever they see any…whether they need it, or have already had to extend their house to store the rolls they currently have stockpiled.

I never thought I would be having conversations with neighbours and friends about toilet paper!

Not long before this ‘toilet paper shortage of 2020’ began, our youngest began toilet training. Naturally, her love of taking the toilet paper from the roll, comes in second only to putting it in the toilet. On one recent visit to the bathroom, she took more than enough, repeatedly, and started skipping the middle step, simply taking the paper from the roll and putting it straight into the toilet. I took the remainder of the roll from its holder, and reached up to place it on the shelf above the toilet. Then, looking down, I saw her holding on to the now empty holder with both hands, and literally climbing the wall. Both feet already level with her hands. 

Eek! Then of course, in my rush to prevent her falling, as I envisioned her 13 or 14kgs ripping the holder off the wall, I managed to knock the roll I had just rescued, off the shelf and straight into the toilet….  Ordinarily, not a major disaster, but in the current climate, a big ooops!

Less than 24 hours before, I caught myself becoming excited when I saw people leaving the supermarket with packs of toilet paper in their trolley, thinking ‘today is our lucky day’, and looking forward to taking the prized item home, but yet again, was met with empty shelves.

At the crucial moment, we managed to find this (pictured), in our local corner shop. I have never been so pleased to see toilet paper… 

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