Things I want you to know about 77boxes

A question I get asked a lot, by people encountering 77boxes for the first time, is along the lines of “What is in the ‘Dinosaur’ box?”.

On the surface of it, this sounds like it would be a very simple question to answer. However, it is impossible for me to say what will be in any given box, without knowing anything about the child first.

When you go through the 77boxes website, there are a number of examples of what might be in any box, based on category. We ask that you choose 2- 5 categories for each child. During the checkout process you are asked details about your child, such as age, and gender. We also have a list of optional questions which tell us more about your child’s likes and dislikes. 

All of this information is then collated, to decide what goes into the gift box for your child. 

This sounds like a very time-consuming task, and it can be. It takes my total concentration to get the right combination for each box! But, I love it. I love doing it, and I love hearing the feedback from my lovely customers who let me know that the effort was worth it. Their child loved their box, and is looking forward to receiving the next one!

Hopefully you can understand now why that is such a difficult question to answer 🙂

The great majority of our surveyed customers rate 77boxes as providing ‘excellent value’. Kids and parents all enjoy our service. The kids eagerly look forward to receiving their boxes each month, and love opening and interacting with our products. Their parents love seeing their kids’ excitement, and engagement; and are very happy, often pleasantly surprised, by the value received in each box.

We include postage within Australia in the prices quoted on our website, so there are no nasty discoveries at the checkout.

A big Thank You to all of 77boxes’ lovely clients who have been with us for so long.

This morning, I was looking back through some of the photos of the early boxes I put together. While they were mostly good, I can see that we have definitely improved. I love selecting the items for each box, and I love feeling pleased with the result, imagining the expression on the faces of the Special Young Person who might be receiving it.

We love feedback at 77boxes! If you see any area we could improve, or have any other comments for us, we would love you to contact 77boxes. There are a number of methods available via the website, or social media messenger. The most simple method is via email (

77boxes was developed in order to provide affordable subscription options for Australian based primary school aged children. 

As each child is different, we ask you to choose a combination from 10 popular categories. We also give you the option of answering a series of other questions about the individual child. 

Each item is then handpicked and each box hand packed for each child. 

We have already factored regular postage within Australia into our prices, so there are no additional costs or unexpected charges added at check-out.

We also have a variety of different plans available for you to choose from, depending which best suits your needs.

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