Thoughts on Parenting

Parenting In The IT World

I’ve heard it said often, and I tend to agree, that the world is such a different place now, compared to when I was a child.

Our kids are less likely than any previous generation, to be allowed to roam the streets, with their friends, playing, riding their bikes, building cubbies or dams. Asked only to return in time for dinner. Many parents perceive an increased threat in the world outside, and an increased difficulty in ensuring the safety of our children.

What do you think? Is this true, or is it just our changing perspective as we get older (more ‘mature’)?

The internet is so easily accessible in so many of our homes, some of our children’s bedrooms, and even some of our children’s hands as they move about. Being contactable at all times, and being able to get answers to almost any question within seconds can be reassuring, exciting, or make life easier. It also has its downside. How can we be sure our kids are staying safe. They could be alone in their room, completing their homework, or they could be being targeted by someone, while we think they are safe. 

How do we maintain our children’s safety and innocence in this new world?

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