What 77boxes Art and Craft Can Do For Your Child

Art and Craft is about more than just following someone else’s directions. It is about learning to express yourself; and learning that it is OK to express yourself, your way. Art and Craft can be relaxing for many children, quieting their mind; and allowing them to recharge. 77boxes Art and Craft category contains kits providing direction; and allowing your Special Young Person to identify the areas they particularly enjoy, including craft kits; sewing kits; drawing and painting kits; diamond painting; model building; jewelry making; knitting; stenciling; and stamping kits. 77boxes also supplies tools for your Special Young Person to further develop such interests on their own.

Being creative helps the child; and the adult they become regardless of the life path they choose. The obvious benefit is for those who will pursue a creative career. Developing the creative side of your brain is just as important academically as developing the analytical side. When we are born, our brains contain many more cells than we will eventually retain. Our experiences strengthen the parts of the brain they are connected to. The more you experience; or practice something, the more the related part of your brain is strengthened. The reverse is also true. The ‘use it or lose it’ principle applies. Help your child to develop both sides of their brain, and they will work together. For example, being creative may help them to solve that analytical maths question; or a life problem, in a different; or more creative way, than their peers. How often have we heard the phrase ‘think outside the box’? This ability comes much more naturally to those who have developed both sides of their brains, from childhood.

Source: Jordan Rosenfield

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