What is 77boxes?

77boxes is a Subscription Box Company; with no minimum number of boxes to purchase. 77boxes caters to girls and boys; aged 6 -14 years.

Why 77boxes?

My own children were introduced to the idea of subscription boxes, by friends at school. They loved receiving a gift in the mail each month!

However, looking at these boxes; and the items contained within, I did not find them to be very cost effective. It was also irritating having to pay postage in addition to the quoted price.

I decided then to put together my own boxes for them, each month; tailored to their individual tastes. I also created similar boxes for friends and relatives as gifts. Each child (& their parents) loved and appreciated these.

Therefore, after some thought and consideration; I decided to broaden my audience; and launched 77boxes.com

My aim, as always, is to provide cost effective gift boxes; tailored to each child; for the duration of their subscription period. The total cost to you, is known upfront, without sneaking in additional tax; or postage costs.

What’s in a 77boxes box?

When you are ordering your box/es for Your Special Young Person, you will be asked to select between 2 and 5 of our category options, for Your Special Young Person’s series of boxes, regardless of how many boxes you intend to purchase.

77boxes Categories

  1. Dreamcatchers, Mermaids and the Ocean
  2. Stars and Space
  3. Unicorns
  4. Dinosaurs and Other Animals
  5. Butterflies, Hearts, Rainbows and Pretty Things
  6. Spies and Detectives
  7. Art and Craft
  8. Superheroes, Sport and Outdoor Play
  9. Retro and Puzzles
  10. Lucky Dip

Remember, if there is anything specific you wish to tell us about your child; you may do so, either while ordering online; via our help email (help@77boxes.com); or via our instant messenger (accessed via our website – https://77boxes.com ).

For more information, please visit https://77boxes.com

Feel free to follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/77boxescompany/

We are also present on :

Instagram: @77boxes

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Twitter: twitter.com/77boxes

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