What’s in a 77boxes box?

Which Categories Should I Choose For My Special Young Person?

When you are ordering your box/es for Your Special Young Person, you will be asked to select between 2 and 5 of our category options, for Your Special Young Person’s series of boxes, regardless of how many boxes you intend to purchase.

Here, we will give you a brief guide as to which categories to select, depending on your needs; and your child’s interests.

Remember, if there is anything specific you wish to tell us about your child; you may do so, either while ordering online; via our help email (help@77boxes.com); or via our instant messenger (accessed via our website – https://77boxes.com ).

  • Dreamcatchers, Mermaids and the Ocean

This category is aimed primarily at girls. Does your daughter daydream and fantasize? This category will encourage her imagination. Items your child may receive include Dreamcatchers; Stationery items; Jewellery & Accessories.

  • Stars and Space

This category is equally popular with our boys and girls. Items your child may receive include Stickers; Decorative items; Jewellery; Books; Themed items from stars and space based entertainment.

  • Unicorns

This category allows your child to surround themselves with unicorns. When choosing this category, your child may receive Stationery items; Plush toys; Novelty items; Jewellery and accessories.

  • Dinosaurs and Other Animals

This is one of 77boxes most popular categories. Your child may receive Dinosaur dig items; Plush toys; Stationery items; Books.

  • Butterflies, Hearts, Rainbows and Pretty Things

This category is one of our most popular categories among our girls. It gives them the chance to exercise their imaginations. It is a feel-good category; allowing your child to surround herself with all of the things, so many young girls love. When choosing this category, your child may receive Butterfly dress up items; Stationery items; Decorative items; Jewellery and accessories. 

  • Spies and Detectives

This 77boxes category is popular amongst both boys; and girls. This category will engage your child’s imagination; as well as giving them prompts to further their interest and participation in role play. Items in this category include Spy Goggles; Magnifying glasses; Invisible ink pens; All weather notebooks; Children’s fingerprint kits. 

  • Art and Craft

This is one of 77boxes most popular categories, for both girls and boys; across all of our age groups. It contains items which should occupy your child’s attention for quite some time. Items supplied include age appropriate kits for specific activities; or items for non structured art and craft activities. The specific items chosen are often tied into the other categories chosen by you. 

It is highly recommended that you select Art and Craft as one of your 2-5 categories, for each of the children you purchase boxes for.

  • Superheroes, Sport and Outdoor Play

This is among our most popular categories. There is a vast range of different items in this 77boxes category. Some require more imagination; while others are directed play. Item include Itty bittys; Accessories; Stationery items; and Items to facilitate outdoor play.

  • Retro and Puzzles

This category offers your child a range of different items such as a variety of different age- appropriate puzzles. These puzzles may be tied into other categories chosen; Puzzle books; Stationery items; Retro and retro-style toys; Classic children’s books.

  • Lucky Dip

Lucky Dip is a great category to choose if you are unsure of which to choose; or do not wish to be limited to the other categories. Your child may receive items such as Block and building themed items; Decorative items; Stationery items; Wallets or purses; Books; Small games.

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