How does 77Boxes work?

One box will be sent to your chosen recipient on each occasion depending on the subscription package you choose. (ie monthly, or otherwise). This will continue for the duration of your subscription. You may cancel anytime. The exception to this are our fixed-term plans. These run for the duration of the plan length you choose.

To continue our School Holiday Subscription, it must be renewed each 12 months.

To determine what your recipient will receive, we ask that you select the appropriate age; or age group, and a range of categories from the list; depending on what you believe they will enjoy.
A selection of items, relating to the categories selected, will be sent to the recipient in each box, for the duration of the subscription.

Please note the recipient group recommendations we make for each category. You are able to select recipient groups outside of these recommendations. While we will do our best to accommodate such selections; we can not always guarantee the appropriateness of the items supplied.

What are the standard categories I can choose from?

Dreamcatchers, Mermaids and the ocean; Stars and space; Unicorns; Dinosaurs and other animals; Butterflies, hearts, rainbows and pretty things; Spies and detectives; Art and craft; Superheroes, sport and outdoor play; Retro and puzzles; Lucky dip.

What are the premium categories I can choose from?

Art and Craft; Science/ Educational; Retro and Puzzles; Lucky Dip

How do I select the categories I have decided on?

Click the check boxes next to the categories you like, on the Shop Here page. Once you have selected the minimum required number of categories (3), the ‘Subscribe’ button will change from red to green, in colour, indicating that it is active. To deselect a chosen category, simply click on the check box next to that category again. After choosing your categories; click the green ‘Subscribe’ button.

Note: if you select the personalised message box, you must enter message contents into the accompanying text box, before you are able to complete your subscription process.

Who are 77Boxes subscriptions suitable for?

We are aimed at Primary school-aged children. Girls and boys, from 6 – 12 years. Not suitable for children aged under the age group specified.

Please note: unless stated otherwise, none of the products we supply are to be eaten; or otherwise ingested.

When will my special young person receive their box?

New subscription plans are generally commenced within a few days following the completion of your order. Your Special Young Person therefore should receive their box within weeks of your order.

During the checkout process, you will be given the opportunity to give us an approximate date you wish Your Special Young Person to receive their first box. Although we can not guarantee any specific date, we will do our best to accommodate.

The School Holidays Subscription boxes will be sent to Your Special Young Person to coincide with the end of each School Term, and one box in time for Christmas. Click HERE for further details.

Do you have the option of Express Post?

Yes, Express Post may be opted for (for a fee), at Step 3, on the Shop Here page.

Will my special young person receive items from each of the selected categories in every box?

No. Each box will contain items from one or more of your chosen categories.

What does the price per box refer to?

The price quoted on the ‘Shop Here’ page is the total price payable per box. This includes standard shipping costs, where the delivery address is within Australia. ie, where the quoted price is $29, the total amount you are charged per box, is $29. (Other than any optional add-ons, such as personalised message, or express post).

I made a mistake with my order; or want to change it.

Simply go to the My Account page, to manage this yourself; or email us with details, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

When will I be charged for each box?

You will be charged for the initial box, at the time you sign up for your 77boxes Subscription. You will then be charged on the same date each month; or each two months (depending on the plan you have chosen), until such time as you cancel your subscription. For fixed term subscriptions, the full amount is charged at the time of sign up. The School Holidays Subscription differs slightly, please click HERE for further details.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Simply go to the My Account page, to manage this yourself; or email us with details, and we will be more than happy to assist you. You can then sign up again, anytime you like.

How do I give you more information about my Special Young Person? Or about my order requirements?

When placing your order, you will be asked if there is anything else you want to tell 77boxes. There are also a series of optional questions relating to the likes and dislikes of Your Special Young Person.

What do other people say about 77boxes?

Please click here to view our recent customer feedback.

Has the Coronavirus Impacted Order Fulfilment at 77boxes?

Due to the way business is conducted within 77boxes, we are fortunate to be able to continue to prepare boxes for Your Special Young People, residing within Australia. There may be some slight delays with our mail carrier during this time.

Do you deliver outside of Australia?

Yes. Please contact us to enquire about postage costs outside of Australia. – currently on hold, due to covid-19 related restrictions on international postage.

I have feedback I want to share with 77boxes.

Please complete our Feedback Form by clicking here.