The Premium Boxes are much like our Standard Range of Boxes, however, Your Special Young Person will receive greater value of products per box.

Choose a minimum of 3 of our Premium Range Categories per order/subscription.

As with all of our boxes, standard postage within Australia is included in the listed price.

Available Categories:

Art and Craft

Recommended for girls and boys aged 6-12 yrs

Art and craft activities are helpful in allowing a child to express themselves. Our art and craft box, guides children through different activities; allows for the expression of the child’s own creativity; and acts as a stepping stone should the child wish to pursue further such activities on their own. Special Young People who have this category selected may be sent a huge range of items; sometimes tying into the other categories selected for them. These include making; painting; sewing; knitting; diamond painting and building kits; and other art and craft supplies, such pencils, stencils, stamps; and stamp pads.

Science/ Educational

Recommended for girls and boys aged 6-12 yrs

This category is to inspire or cultivate the love of learning in your child.

Items that will be received from this category are largely STEM based, and may include : boxed science kits; STEM themed books; maths game kits; building kits; books to inspire questioning of ideas.

Retro and Puzzles

Recommended for girls and boys aged 6-12 yrs

Do you remember those games and activities from your own childhood? Wouldn’t it be fun if a Special Young Person in your life could experience these also? It might even cause a distraction from the all-present screen in front of your young person’s face, as they try to work out ‘what does it do?’. Or it might just provide you with entertainment as you observe them trying to find the spot for batteries, or to ‘charge it’ before use. On the same thread, jigsaw; and other puzzles provide a welcome break from screen-time; and strengthen the analytic part of the brain. Items which may be found in these boxes, include Logic puzzles, and books; yo-yo instruction kits, classic-comic related products; Peace-themed accessories; jigsaw puzzles; maze puzzles; and many more.

Lucky Dip

Recommended for girls and boys aged 6-12 yrs

This box rarely follows any one set theme. Instead, it provides your Special Young Person with a range of products which we believe they will enjoy. Some may be related to our other advertised themes. Examples of other products which may be sent in this box include magic related items; plush toys; novelty stationery; wallets or purses; building themed items; jokes and pranks; items relating to Unicorns, Dinosaurs, Animals, Pretty Things, Stars and Space, Mermaids, Pirates and the Ocean, Spies and Detectives, Superhero’s, Sport, and Outdoor Play.

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