School holidays are the time we get to see our kids the most…

Do you find that, while you enjoy this time, it can be difficult; and often expensive, to keep your children entertained or engaged?

Would you like a solution that does not involve either spending huge amounts of money; or allowing them more screen time than you would ideally like?

Select ‘Standard School Holidays’ from the drop-down menu, at step 1 on our Shop Here page. You are able to choose from the same categories, for Your Special Young Person, as are available for every other plan. (We strongly recommend you take a look at our blog page, in addition to our categories page, if you are unsure which categories you will choose for Your Special Young People).

Your Special Young Person will then be sent one 77boxes box to coincide with the commencement of each of the (4) sets of school holidays in your state/ territory (April, June/July, September, & December), with an additional box sent in time for Christmas.

This is a total of 5 boxes throughout the year.

Charges occur at the time of sign-up, and then 1st June; 1st August; 1st September; and 1st December.

Cut-off for ordering the Easter School Holidays Box, for guaranteed arrival is 6 business days before the last day of term in the relevant Australian state/ territory.

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